It all starts with an idea

Onsolid is a documentation tool that solves problems when communicating on 3D models.

First of all, it eliminates the obvious problem of trying to describe 3D models in two dimensions. In addition, it provides the opportunity to people working on 3D models to share their files and receive feedback without sending the 3D files to their customers. It simplifies this process for the producer of the 3D model with the ability to animate, annotate, and show a different point of the model on each slide.

It also facilitates the work of those who examine the file by providing opportunities such as viewing the model without using 3D software, viewing the 3D model from every angle, commenting by adding pins on the model and also commenting on the entire slide. No training or 3D modeling knowledge is required for its use. Finally, all of that can be done with one link on a web application.

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